Monday, August 9, 2010


I wake up from my drooling slumber,
into a bright sunny morn
I sit up, look around and stretch my arms,
And whine like a drooling newborn.
From under my wrung-worn pillow,
I fish for my cell phone,
I look at it, staring into disbelief-
No missed call, no message-
Absolutely No One!
I frown in disappointment,
I make a childish pout,
I had not expected this,
“Aaaarghh...” I shout!
Feeling lonely and unloved
I clamber down my bed.
Tiredly I look at the mirror,
And meet two big glossy eyes instead!
I start- I gasp- I gape,
As I stare numbly into my sense of vision;
With hesitant steps I totter closer,
And suddenly the magic is done!
I blink and bat my eyelids,
As I feel the gentle wetness overflow,
Slithering its way on its fleshly contour-
Into the salty absolute down it pours.
And suddenly I stumble over a realisation-
Why do I consider myself lonely?
Why this sadness? Why am I crying?
When the best companion stands before me?
A smile is thus born within my lips,
And spreads its glow smoothly,
Gently illuminating my face, my heart, and soul,
My best lover smiles back at me!