Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farewell... O! Festivity

The sound of dhaak,
The festive rhythm...
Tickles my festive rhythm.
Morning moans, daytime scrolls,
Into an empty void.
The mandap's so quiet, nobody's in sight,
A tearful blurry vision...
The patient waiting for next year begins,
After every night, empty night,
There rises the happy sun.


  1. The rules of festivities
    Entrap our wild wants
    Set by humans, yet
    The yearning taunts.

  2. Dutoi bhalo laglo.Agnimitar kobita along with Twisha`s 4 liner.

  3. rules... they bind us, trap us, confine us. but they keep our desires alive. sometimes fulfillment brings about death.

  4. @Agnimita: Rules are meant to make us feel that some thimhs are out of reach and thus more enticing!

    After all, "Shob pele noshto jibon!"

  5. @ soumyarup- amar katha tai bangla e onubaad er jonno thanks :)

  6. O festivity, you shall always bewilder us,
    Every year, with your bewitching essence.
    With fervent hopes we wait for you thus,
    To feel your overwhelming presence.

  7. overwhelming presence... filling our lives to the brim... five days, five ecstatic days...
    and then an emptiness...
    fervent hopes, waiting with a feverish passion, apprehension... wanting never stops!