Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Half -Truth

You smile at me, a smile—
Sunny and bright,
You wink at me, a wink—
Naughtily quiet!
You tell me your secrets, all secrets—
Light and dark,
You chirp at me, a chirp—
Right from the core of your heart.
You warn me of dogs and bitches, those dogs and bitches—
Who are ready to pounce on me,
But you always make me promise, a promise—
To keep you hassle-free.
I thank God for a friend like you, a friend—
Who saves me from inescapable plights,
And I smile at you, a smile—
Sunny and bright!
I make you feel something, a feeling—
To which you comfortably suit,
That I don’t know about your lies, those lies—
Which you prefer to call ‘half- truths’!
And I laugh inwardly, a cunning laugh—
Which gives me my pleasurable share,
Of this world of half-truths, this world—
Where all half- truths are just fair and square!


  1. i stopped to read, i read again , half hidden in my mind , half pouring out , half truths we are all about,
    gifting you with another half thought....:P

  2. haha... well I don't know why, I don't know how... Somehow I find all "fulls" receding and "halves" taking over....

  3. really love ur poems....this one is a masterpeace!!!! :D

  4. From Facebook, by the author's demand -

    Sayak : Half truths are worse than lies, they are like chocolate muffins, incredibly tasty, baked with poison syrup.

    Agnimita : well... dangerous or not... it is those half truths which reign the world... they are the sinful temptations... the low way to actually keep the little "conscience" alive that may be surviving in this world.

    Sayak : They can be awfully deceiving too and sometimes uproot the very being of conscience.

    Agnimita : now... :)
    exactly.... but that's how the world is- decieving.
    u wre, i was, n maybe unknowingly, we are doing it to ourselves!

    Sayak : Yes, maybe, we are potent sources of half truths too, although unknowingly. But probably we wouldn't have fuelled them or banked on them had we even got a hint of them being so.
    I believe that I am a lesser mortal, and these wondrous enigmatic dollops of philosophical reality are far beyond my realms of comprehension. :)

    Agnimita : now... :)
    well of course (umm... hopefully!) we hadn't if we had known...
    and lesser or not... i still hv sum hopes that you are one of those few persons who can ve conversed with regarding these incoherent inceptions of mine!

    Sayak : Lesser I am, but with the little knowledge I have I can vouch that these are not incoherent inceptions of your mind, rather they are sumptuous solidifications of nerve-tingling notions. :)

  5. When a Glass of Water is Half Empty ...It's also Half Filled..!!!

  6. No truth is true enough;
    True-ness lies in the minds of the audience.
    The only truth is that: there is no truth.

  7. I agree.
    Truth is actually a subjective reality.
    What is green to me, maybe blue to you.
    But, my point of discontent is that hypocrisy which is followed, instead of simply admitting that plain fact.
    And therein lies the survival strategy- A cheats B, and B cheats A... finally resulting in a bewildering confusion that perhaps A and B do cheat themselves respectively... Startling, Surprising, even numbing to accept, but it's a fact, and a truth...(or is it?!)

  8. i just love dis1...... awesome.... :)