Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Half -Truth

You smile at me, a smile—
Sunny and bright,
You wink at me, a wink—
Naughtily quiet!
You tell me your secrets, all secrets—
Light and dark,
You chirp at me, a chirp—
Right from the core of your heart.
You warn me of dogs and bitches, those dogs and bitches—
Who are ready to pounce on me,
But you always make me promise, a promise—
To keep you hassle-free.
I thank God for a friend like you, a friend—
Who saves me from inescapable plights,
And I smile at you, a smile—
Sunny and bright!
I make you feel something, a feeling—
To which you comfortably suit,
That I don’t know about your lies, those lies—
Which you prefer to call ‘half- truths’!
And I laugh inwardly, a cunning laugh—
Which gives me my pleasurable share,
Of this world of half-truths, this world—
Where all half- truths are just fair and square!