Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Poem, Or...?

A page, a pen,
Some wayward thoughts...
Two eyes, a stare,
Into the blank white page...
Three sighs, a frown,
Nothing, still nothing...
The white page remains blank.

A sudden gasp,
Some wayward words,
A few commas and ellipses play boundaries—
Taming them.
Sense, or no sense, or non sense!

Fill a page-
Is that all?
How should I know!
I can’t write a poem!


  1. Is it yours? Simply superb. Yes,it is a poem...touches the heart.

  2. Not bad at all, but see if you can play around a little bit more with the punctuation, for example, third stanza, first line, instead of a coma you might want to use an exclamation or a hyphen; a comma seems out of place. Just a thought. Otherwise it is very good. I like it short :) Reading your poem after a very long time!

  3. @asischatterjee - thank u :)
    @black pirate - i put a comma to build in the continuation... i like the idea of a hyphen though, it stops short to create a brief suspense. changed it thus! :) thank u for the careful reading!

  4. Really liked this one. This one has a musical tone.