Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ignorant Knowledge

An opaque column of hazy mist,
Blurry vision bathing in
Tears of Nature—
Rattling on the illiterate thatched roofs,
Behind that prestigious arena of knowledge.
Yet there is fire, and there is light,
In those illiterate chulhas.

Then, another opaque column rises...
A mystic curtain—
Shady, smudgy, smoggy smoke;
Like an open mouth of that eternal dragon,
Comes, shrouds and swallows all,
In one gulp.


  1. Well..... I am finding it a bit difficult to understand what you exactly want to say through this poem. I can discern a few different strands but would you mind making it clear.

  2. Well, the very essence of the piece is "murkiness". The structure is a deliberate effort to accentuate the blurry vision and mission of our authority towards "complete literacy".
    The lines "Rattling on the...knowledge" shows the irony of the real picture of life. Yet, the 'fire' brings in a ray of hope that even if there are illiterates, it is not a dead end. They still have the hope to rise and shine, if given an opportunity.
    But again, that is a vague and blurry vision, which can most probably result into 'tears' of failure. The smoke, in connection to this, is a metaphor for illiteracy which is given an evil touch to shroud and swallow all, only to highlight that the number of literates are actually a minute figure before the vast crowd of illiterate people.
    The poem abruptly ends, but again, this was a conscious effort of apprehension and suspense, leaving it on the readers to think and comment whether it is indeed such a dark end that literacy is heading to, or there will be a poetic savior of goodness.

    I hope this would clear up your doubts a bit, though I would love to know about the 'different strands' you had thought of.

  3. Damn, Agni, why did you explain?
    There will never be any poetic savior.
    The poem is beautiful. The title is beyond adjectives. Perfect. Loved it.

  4. Well Twisha, that is quite a good question... because I haven't explained anything, I have just transformed it into a paraphrase.
    Don't be disheartened, there is much to the piece that can be thought about, explained, and expounded.
    And about the hope of poetic savior... again, that's perspective of you. Still, it's a treasure for my effort, a reward to my work.
    So, thank you for your comment.