Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ugly Duckling

When people frowned and glared at me...
For being the odd one out,
They thought I was stupid,
Lookin’ down from there prejudiced glasses
Nodding with obvious doubts...
I was made to feel stupid,
I was sent to a corner...
And as I went,
I heard them call me-
“Shyah... Ugly Duckling”.

But that did the magic,
And that made me smile,
‘Cause someday they'll see my wings,
Spread wide with pride!
So as I go to my lonely corner,
For being the odd one out,
I close my eyes and clench my fists
And decide to show them,
What this little duckling is all about!


  1. With the soul growling inside,
    the explosive ready to go off.
    The ugly duckling moved-
    to the corner, perspiring.
    With no intention to hide,
    and lesser to show off-
    For a vociferous vengeance she prepared;
    little did people know, what she was aspiring.

  2. Didn't choose to take the path less-trodden.
    The path was thrust into my vision.
    Didn't choose to trample the fresh green grass.
    Was thrust on it, sans permission.

    Very, very relate-able. :)

  3. they thought they saw, but alas they didn't.
    their glasses painted in hazy tint.
    they sent me to a corner thinking id fear
    but the fear in them wouldn't let me near

    i smile in pride , ugly i am
    colored glasses and distressed sham.

    i bathe in glory and pride and joy
    i ceased to be their marvelous toy
    their wish to rule, ruined in the sun
    for now i am now the grand white swan