Thursday, October 28, 2010

Castle In The Air

Built castles in the air,
The sky was the limit.
Tumbled, crumbled down
Into a jumbled chaos,
A cursed splash into the dark deep infinite blue...
No zeal, no zest to swim through.
A cursed self, cursed by the self.

A speck, then, a burning flint...
Target, to get, a faint shoreline,
Crawling away from the morbid wetness,
Shaking my wings dry.
I begin, for the green.

I look above, I inhale...
I gather bricks of zeal and zest,
My castle awaits...


  1. Your castle awaits-
    you, to rule,
    to reign.
    To be reascended, rejuvenated,
    replenished by your-
    blissful rain.